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This will be done by focusing on REACHING PEOPLE:through cell-groups, internet, street evangelism and ALL media. With the help of the Holy Spirit PPATW will RESTORE PEOPLE:through prayer, teaching, preaching, counseling and personal deliverance and the Holy Spirit will help PPATW to RELEASE PEOPLE: to their God-given purpose and calling which is to minister to others ALL FOR THE BUILDING OF GOD'S KINGDOM RIGHT HERE ON EARTH!
Daniel 12:1-3
“At that time Michael shall stand up, The great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; And there shall be a time of trouble, Such as never was since there was a nation, Even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, Every one who is found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever..."
To the WORLD,   
I want to welcome all beloved of God to Prayer Partners Around the World (PPATW) World Wide Ministries, whose MOTTO is that we are a MINISTRY FOR THOSE WHO PASSIONATELY SEEK INTIMACY IN CHRIST AND HOLY SPIRIT BOLDNESS FOR OUR AWESOME GOD. PPATW is a net-based organization with Holy Spirit filled and led men and women where Christ is not only our Savior but He is the Lord of our life sitting on the throne of our life as our Groom, our King, OUR EVERYTHING. We are not striving for prosperity or self gratification because this is not our home but a work place for those who are ready and willing to sow the seeds of salvation through JESUS CHRIST who is the only way to God and heaven. We recognized that salvation is a love gift from our Incredible Father and it is was not nails that kept Christ on that cross but His love for us and His obedience to the Father. We also know that through the awakening of the Holy Spirit, we have come to understand that salvation is just the first step and that TRUE CALLED ONES who were chosen by God from the beginning of time will welcome discipleship meaning living their life for Christ EACH AND EVERY DAY and telling the world about the power of His blood which was shed on the cross for ALL OF OUR SINS! It doesn’t matter what you have done before only that you want to change your life and to be a new man or woman of Him. We welcome trials and tribulations for we know that this is part of being a slave to His righteousness and necessary for spiritual growth but we also know that all good things come from God and He fulfills all of our needs and even some of our desires if we delight in Him. We are Dying daily to SELF and the FLESH and walking in His Holy Spirit to exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our life. Why? Because of His love which has created a hunger, thirst, desire and zeal to be used by Him as vessels for His honor, glory and praise. We know that RELIGION by itself gives God no glory but it is a RELATIONSHIP with Him that He wants. According to His living word He will reveal more of Himself to those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. We also know that this is done by daily spiritual feeding through His word and surrounding yourself with things and people of Him. We are ministers of reconciliation, we are ambassadors for Christ, and we are soldiers for the Lord which means that we are sowers and soul winners for Christ. We want to share the love of Christ with everyone for He is God and there is no name or love greater than His.  
In many parts of the world we have 15 staff members and 4 ministry partners with a network of 7,500 Prayer Partners from many different countries. God’s favor is with us as there are over 68 countries and 147,699 views where many have visited us in the short 2 ½ years we have been in existence. Our VISION is TO BRING THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST TO WHERE EVER PEOPLE ARE and our MISSION is to THROUGH THE EMPOWERMENT OF GOD AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT WE WILL TEACH PEOPLE: RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ALMIGHTY RATHER THAN RELIGION AND BUILD MIGHTY SPIRIT FILLED LEADERS FOR THE LORD. THIS WILL BE DONE BY FOCUSING ON REACHING PEOPLE: THROUGH CELL GROUPS, INTERNET, STREET EVANGELISM AND ALL TYPES OF MEDIA. WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT PPATW WILL RESTORE PEOPLE: THROUGH PRAYER, TEACHING, PREACHING, COUNSELING AND PERSONAL DELIVERANCE AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL HELP PPATW TO RELEASE PEOPLE: TO THEIR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE AND CALLING WHICH IS TO MINISTER TO OTHERS ALL FOR THE BUILDING OF GODS KINGDOM RIGHT HERE ON EARTH! Along with having the most dynamic lovers of Christ from ALL OVER THE WORLD as our staff, we also have loving ministry partners that partner with us as far as teaching, preaching and spreading the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world like Ptr Sunny in India and Sis Milagros, Ptr Carmelo and Sis Liz in the Philippines. We help them with prayer, Christian materials and finances! Our ministry partners take care of the young lost ones and the poor and destitute so we are still looking for small size ministries that take care of widows and prisoners. We are also looking for passionate lovers of Christ from any country who want to join our staff, part timers work 3 days 3 hours a day a total of 9 hours and must have a computer but it is possible we can help with internet cost. If you want to join as a full time staff you must work 6 days at 3 hours a day a total of 18 hours and it is possible we will help you to receive a PPATW notebook. 
Every week we will send out lessons, bible studies and advertisements on topics that really need better understanding due to the blinding of this world from the evil one Satan. You can not grow from just going to church and many churches are not even Holy Spirit filled plus the word of God calls TRUE believers the church so therefore we need to feed spiritually EVERYDAY and identify with JESUS not your pastor. These materials we send from the living word of God are Holy Spirit powered and delivered. The website is amazing with music and videos ON EVERY PAGE and there is everything and anything that you can find and need to grow to know Him and love Him with all of your heart. We have links, poetry, tests, games, lessons, music, videos, power points and Bibles studies. We have your email address in our mailing list where we will purchase millions of emails to go along with our bulk mailers and our large SMTP server, so that you will automatically receive the 3 PPATW materials weekly. If at any time you want to be remove from our mailing list, please forward the lesson you received and from that we will be able to delete you and pray that God will open your heart to be receptive to His message of love and salvation through our King Jesus in some other way! We also have an awesome conference room called the HOLY TABERNACLE where we have weekly programs for ALL TO ENJOY as we worship the Lord together. On Saturdays at 8:30am USA (CST), 4:30pm (Saudi Arabia, UE), 8:00pm (India) and 9:30pm (Philippines, Indonesia) we have our powerful online Bible studies which feature teachers and preachers from all countries, who are passionate lovers of Christ and there is singing and praying and praising ALL FOR HIS GLORY! Here is the link,ppatw    
 On Thursday starting September 1, around the same time, we will start our online CELL GROUP LEADERS CLASSES where anyone can step out on faith to be used by God and invite others as disciples and we will teach you how to be Ambassadors For Christ through the G12 training and also Soldiers for the Lord teaching you to rebuke and send demons back to hell, and to put on God’s armor, bind your mind with Christ and heal the sick all through the power of the name above ALL names which is JESUS CHRIST and also through His blood which is the blood of the Lamb and through the power of His Holy Spirit!

We will by October feature our newest program on Fridays, around the same time again, which is called FRIDAY YOUTH JAM FOR JESUS! Where we feature some of the most powerful young men and women teachers and preachers that this world has ever seen and heard! They are totally dedicated and motivated to go anywhere, do anything and say everything to be a light in the darkness! We are not famous or well known but we are praising God and thanking the Lord for that because we are not here to be known but for CHRIST TO BE KNOWN, RECEIVED AND LOVED! Please feel free to add us to your yahoo messenger id (use the ppatw id that you received on your mailing) and we will send to you inspirational messages everyday and we are on 21 of the most popular social websites sending out messages EVERYDAY such sites like FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, SKYPE, HI5, BEARSHARE, etc. I am Ptr Jeff Queen, who is the co founder of this incredible ministry with God being the founder through the visions and provisions that He has given us. I am available anytime to help you with anything as far as wanting to receive Christ or problems seeking intimacy with God or if you have questions pertaining to the word of God or just need prayer. I am a Pastor and Evangelist called by God and walking with Him for over 37 years who is not only born again but Holy Spirit filled and led to be used by God as an instrument of righteousness for His honor, glory and praise but I AM NOTHING WITHOUT CHRIST. Look not at the messenger but examine the message and I to be a PRAYER PARTNER with you. You can write to me or our VP Bro Gary or text us or ym us with any request and we will be there for you. Also don't forget to visit our website ( which is for ALL.
There are 80 plus pages and everything you need to come to know and receive Jesus as your savior and to grow in Him to be molded and used by God to fulfill His calling on each and everyone. We will be sending you the HOME PAGE, PPATW PAGE AND STAFF PAGE to introduce you to the website and the ministry then we will start sending you the EVANGELISM LETTER and weekly BIBLE STUDIES and lessons to help feed you daily but nothing should replace your DAILY BIBLE READING and QUIET TIME with our DAD in heaven. May God continue to open your eyes and see just how wonderfully made you are in Him and how much He loves you and wants you to receive His free gift of salvation through His son JESUS CHRIST. That is just the beginning because then you will need to daily surrender to His will and His way to truly understand why you are here. We are ALL called by God to SHARE THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Our loving God is so mercifully and loving that He wants none to perish but those who reject Christ reject His love and will be condemned to Hell. Those who do receive Christ will also be judged as to what they did for the Lord after they received this free gift of salvation. This is why we need a relationship with the ALMIGHTY. THIS WEBSITE IS DEDICATED to our LORD and SAVIOR, and it is for all to share and enjoy. Please also tell others about the website so we can fellowship and uplift each other as we serve our one true LIVING GOD! YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, EL SHADDAI! 
1 512 644 0861 (USA) 
1 512 796 2863 (USA)
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