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For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.


Hello, May I start out by saying, I want to thank God Almighty, for my life, His Love, and my testimony to it! This is my story:I was born in 1962, in the Bay Area of California, to Two Wonderful Parents, I have four brothers and two sisters. I am the 7th child. My Father became an abusive alcoholic when i was about three, fighting, pain, injuries, my parents divorced and all the children went different ways! My and my brother Robbie, went to my Grandmother, moms side, to live in Kingsville Tx, Two by two, everyone had a couple of us, raising us, we moved around alot, While in Corpus Christi,(Body of Christ) Tx, I grew up doing what the older kids were doing, and it wasn't good! I learned all about drugs, and not caring about life, very early, I stopped going to school in the 6th grade for over 100 days I was truant.My Mother was forced to place me in a Children's Home, in the valley of Tx. I lived in a Church of Christ enviornment for 6 years! I was doing much better, not giving my all to the lord, but better. When I got out of this Home in 1980, I moved to my mothers in Houston, I wanted to know all about the World, and the World would give me that chance too. I hung around biker types, not really bikers, no one had a bike, but we all thought we were bad to the bone, tattoos, Party Lifestyle, Full of Self! Addiction on Steroids! and Denial Denial Denial. Me and my clan would go to all the Concerts, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Went to all the Clubs, All the Parties! At this time, I was full of sin, it was just building and building, God was farthest from my life! At least for me, I know now, He was Right there!I met my first wife, Oh I worshiped her! She was so beautiful, We had a child about 3 months after we got together, and decided to keep Him. Zachary was born,Jan. 28th 1987. We still partied, did drugs, i worked occasionally, she worked as a waitress, Life was good, so we thought. We stopped partying for a while, and Had a second child, a girl this time, Tiffany was born Dec. 23, 1987.We started partying again, doing harder drugs than before, and got hooked on methamphedamine, I got off it easily, but my wife sold us out to it and money. She left us for a Biker, Drug Dealer, He bought her a car and an apartment, as I went and did a day labor job, she led another life, and was soon without us. I went through a nasty divorce in Houston, She used her Drug Dealer Boyfriend, a known Felon and His Money to try to take my children, But God had another plan for them. You see I had Friends of my family from California, who had a house in Spokane, a Ranch really, 40 acres and Wanted to take care of my two kids! So, The Judge decided to let the children go to the Holland Family in Spokane. They went to them.My Ex was so mad, she had someone following me, to try to get rid of me, but that never happened, God was there again, Helping me, I fled safely to Cali, for 3 or 4 years, only to come back to Texas, this time to Austin! My Mother and Brother settled Here and said if I wanted to rent a room I could come here, so I did, In 1994 I moved to Austin, Lived on the East side and Started using Coke cause it was available, see I  never gave up drugs, I kept using, I was Hooked on crack cocaine for many many years.I met Tracy Coker at a Free Concert, on May 29th, 1995. We fell in Love, We did drugs together for years, I lost my place at my moms and went homeless in a better part of town!  we partied for years and years, until Tracy got Pregnant with Alex, and on Jan. 24th,2001, Alexander was born! My Dad died the very Next day! (He gives and takes away)  That is when things changed! I moved in with Her and Her Mom in South Austin, and we still partied, doing coke, drinking, all the time, a slave to the devil!Tracy had gotten arrested when Alex was about 4 yrs old, pulled over, alcohol and drugs were a big part of that. She got on probation and messed that up after about three years, and went to prison for a year. I was still addicted now taking my son to school, I reached my Low and there is a little church on the corner of Alex school, right across the street! My best friend told me to go and give my life to the Lord, He did and the lord provided him a new apartment, see, he was homeless like me, when I met Him. So, I started going to this Sunrise Community Church. After about three weeks, we were praying for some people who were going to do missionary work in Africa, we put our hands on them, and I felt a Hand on my right shoulder, I thought it was one of the Brothers or Sisters in there, when we finished praying, I looked to see who it was, No One Was There!! It was the Lord, I felt an sweep of energy run through me, the next day I woke up, still shaken, I did not have the want for alcohol, I did not want anything, I just wanted to know the Lord More. I got Baptized and Waited for Tracy to get Home, I was so excited cause I knew she would be Happy, as She was Living for the Lord from inside of Jail! Praying, for us, Asking the Lord to Help me and Alex. She got Home and We Joined the church, got Alex Baptized, Got Married, and she became an Elder for a good while, til she came down with skin cancer, and God Healed that too! I was able to get a computer from Jt, My best friend, and quickly found facebook and did find my daughter, she had been gone for 20 years! Now she is Back, Thank You Lord, I started watching Pastor Paul Begley for a few years when I friended one, Jeff Queen, and was invited to go to prayer room of PPATW. Where I became Evangelist Nick, and quickly move forward, to become a member of WWMF, and Chaplain Nick. I am now a Chaplain for the Lord, Praying for those who cannot or do not know the Lord, Helping everyone I can, Leaving No stone unturned, accepting every challenge the Lord gives me, Every opportunity to serve Him! Amen! God was there each and everytime I needed Him, even when I was Not living for Him, He had a Plan for me! Amen!I give God all the Thanks, Praise and Glory for taking me from my addiction,from my sin, and for showing me a better way to live! Amen!I Love You Lord, Use me as an instrument of You, Let me words be Yours, As I help Others to know you! Thank You Father God, Thank You Jesus Christ! This is my Story, this is my testimony! God Bless You!

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