Prayer Partners Around The World


Inspiring other Christians is necessary but how much more necessary is it to share the Gospel with the LOST? The reason why many Christians do not is because they are not Holy Spirit filled and therefore embarrassed and not inspired to do so. They will talk about politics and world economy but will not share THE KEY to ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THIS WORLD! Ptr Jeff spoke about this in his lesson in the CGLC (Cell Group Leaders Class) which was entitled, "WITNESSING AND THE HOLY SPIRIT". He taught in this class the responsibility of the Holy Spirit which is to empower, give us wisdom of the word and to gives us BOLDNESS. Ptr Jeff said that all we have to do is to have faith and have the WILLINGNESS to share and it is the Holy Spirit that will do the speaking! To see and hear this lesson please click here ( ). Sis Iris who is a powerful woman of God and a PPATW staff member will be teaching this Thursday 4/12/12 at 8am (USA) and 9pm (PHI). This passionate Christ lover is growing in the Spirit and we look forward to God using her and speaking through her. This is the daughter of our own DOE Evangelist Mila who is passing on the anointing to her daughter Sis Iris!
PPATW will start in the month of May with Ptr Jd allocating our monthly funds for ALL OF OUR MINISTRIES and He will be working closely with Sis Che who is our GM and our accountant. These are some of the things that Ptr Jd will make sure that we take care of, 1) the purchase of our bulk mailer and SMTP server where our staff will go from mailing to 70,000 to mailing our recorded programs to 7 million, 2) to take care of the Internet of some of our staff 4) to set aside money for savings for the PPATW mission trip to 3 different countries (Philippines, India and Africa) 5)  to help fund our PPATW businesses 5) to help fund our fellowship house churches 6) to help fund our new PPATW feeding ministries  and 7) to re establish help to our ministry partners. Evangelist Mila will also be working close with the two since she is our Director of Evangelism and will be running ALL PPATW churches and feeding ministries and dealing directly with the ministry partners.
Everyone needed to hear the lesson by our own Sis Nelgin who is the head of the Promotional Dept for PPATW. This lesson was about how many forget that EVERYDAY we are to live for our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not just about receiving Him as your Savior but Jesus wants us to follow Him if we are TRULY His sheep. That means in EVERY aspect of our life we are to GIVE GOD THE GLORY! To see and hear this lesson now please click here ( ). Ptr Jd our XO will be continuing his SPIRITUAL WARFARE series and will be teaching this Saturday 4/14/12 and if it is anything like his 1st lesson then EVERYONE  WHO IS LIVING FOR JESUS EVERYDAY needs to hear this lesson! So come to both programs in PPATW's Holy Tabernacle (,ppatw ) and feel the presence of the ALMIGHTY GOD! Be there and be blessed!